AR Glove Sizer

Business Objectives and Goals:

As retail sales continue to move online, finding the proper size shoe, pair of pants or in this case, workout glove, can be quite the challenge! Harbinger, an industry leader in weight lifting gloves, was looking for a way to reduce product returns due to sizing issues while also improving their customer’s online shopping experience. We needed to solve this issue in a few ways.

1. Encourage usability within the app in order to generate a transaction.
2. Accurately measure the hand size and be able to communicate to the user what size of product to purchase as to eliminate returns and bad reviews.
3. Engage the user and generate a seamless experience.

Design Targets:

This Business to Consumer application has pretty obvious personas. Male and female fitness enthusiasts.


01. Male Fitness Enthusiast

Gym goers who invest in workout gear and a direct target market for the Men’s line of Harbinger gloves.

02. Female Fitness Enthusiast

Gym goers who invest in workout gear or apparel and are a direct target market for the Women’s line of Harbinger gloves.

The Experience

Four screens coupled with AR technology makes this experience quick, seamless and effective.


1.Load Screen:

On-brand loading screen initiates the experience.


2. Snapshot:

The user places a quarter in their hand and centers it in the yellow circle. This makes use of the camera feature on your mobile device.


3. Measure:

While the app calculates the user’s hand size, a nice mesh or scan effect populates the image to visually communicate a calculation is in progress.


4. Results:

The final screen shows the user the fit of the product they are searching for and provides a way for the user to be able to shop additional products.


This solution was developed and launched for both Android and iOS to much success.