AT&T Small Site

Responsive Wi-Fi Sign Up & Customer Login

Business Objectives and Goals:

We created a landing page and sign up flow for SMBs.
1. Create marketing landing page that communicates the Wi-Fi solution to SMBs.
2. Incorporate sign up flow and streamline end-to-end process complete with hardware shipment, installation and setup.
3. Design flow and white-label pages for store customers connectivity.
4. Incorporate user dashboard for SMBs to view data visualization.

Design Targets:

Two different user views were designed to suit the needs of each design target. Small & Medium Businesses, and Store Customers.


01. Small & Medium Businesses

Specifically we targeted Small and Medium Businesses looking to provide Wi-Fi to their customers.

02. Store Customer

End user looking to access store Wi-Fi on their laptop or mobile device.

User Flows:

We put together 3 sign-up flows based on several variables and assumptions of our SMB target. Flows demonstrate whether or not the user is a first-time AT&T user and has a Wi-Fi account, how many venues or store locations the user is adding to the account, and whether or not the user is logged in to their account.

1. First time user with a single store location and does not have an AT&T Wi-Fi account.

2. First time user looking to add multiple venues, currently has an AT&T Wi-Fi account and isn’t logged in.

3. Return user looking to add additional venues and is currently logged in to their AT&T Wi-Fi account.





MVP Launch:

Documentation provided for mobile UI with interactions, content and flow.




Laptop UI: Landing Page



Desktop UI:

Product Page



These solutions were launched as a beta in the Spring of 2015 and marketing efforts and product improvements continued throughout the next year.