BluPay by PayPal

Bluetooth Vending Machine App

Business Objectives and Goals:

The UX/UI Vision team at PayPal ran a Lean methodology. Part of such, we were able to pick what concepts we wanted to work on. I selected the BluPay vending machine transaction product that was showcased at PayPal Headquarters in San Jose, CA. Some developers had been working on a vending machine app and the goal was for the user to be able to find a bluetooth enabled vending machine on a map and purchase items from it with your PayPal account. Though the developers had an idea of what they wanted to achieve, they did not have a flow or refined UI to implement. Our goals were as follows:

1. Create a user flow that defines the end to end process.
2. Provide UI screens for implementation

The Process

I started by sketching out ideas to help visualize the initial flow. These concepts were then reviewed by colleagues and edits were made before proceeding to wireframes.




Once the flow was solid, I created wireframes and presented to stakeholders. Once approved, I moved on to design the UI and generate mobile assets. The final product was implemented on site at PayPal HQ.