The Knot & PayPal

API Integration

Business Objectives and Goals:

We were often approached by different departments at PayPal to help develop unique concepts that would showcase PayPal integrated with other brands as a partner. This project showcased how PayPal could be utilized as a technology partner with and be used to process payments for their merchants.

 Project goals included:

1. Write three use cases that describe the use of PayPal technology integrated into platform.
2. Storyboard out each use case.

Design Targets:

The Knot has many user targets for their product, however, we were focusing on a bride planning her wedding and a wedding patron.


01. Bride to be

Mary is in full planning mode and needs a place to keep her planning items and registry items up to date and to be able to share with guests and wedding attendants.

02. Wedding Patron

As a attendant, Jess needs access to the wedding plans in order to assist in planning. Additionally, access to the registry helps streamline gift-buying.

Use Case: Vendor Browsing

Mary receives a push notification from her to-do list on TheKnot to order a cake for the wedding. She taps the vendors tab to search for nearby vendors and browses through the list to check out reviews. From there she is able to directly set up appointments with each bakery.

Use Case: Vendor Add

Mary is working with a florist who isn’t a part of The Knot’s ecosystem. During the consultation, Mary uses the app to show information about the venue to the florist. Mary decides she wants to add the florist to her list of vendors, so she takes a photo of the florist’s business card to sign them up on The Knot for a business account.

Use Case: Registry Search

To make a list of the gifts she’d like, Mary used RedLaser to scan items in to her wedding registry on The Knot.
Two weeks before the wedding Mary’s bridesmaid, Jess, is out shopping when she remembers that she still needs to get Mary a gift. Jess uses The Knot to browse through Mary’s registry and to find stores nearby that carry the items on Mary’s list.


Once the flow was solid, I created wireframes and presented to stakeholders. Once approved, I moved on to design the UI and generate mobile assets. The final product was implemented on site at PayPal HQ.