PayPal Shopping Showcase

Living Room Vignette

Business Objectives and Goals:

The Vision Team in Austin, TX was flown out to PayPal HQ for an intensive 4-day brainstorm to concept and storyboard ideas for the Shopping Showcase that was displayed in New York. The Shopping Showcase featured the future of PayPal and showed users how they were revolutionizing the industry in more ways than just payment processing.

1. Develop storylines for Shopping Showcase
2. Storyboard finalized storylines and prep for final production

Living Room Vignette:

This storyline focuses on a user shopping on ebay from the comfort of home on their tablet. The user flow shows ebay’s new UI and artificial intelligence and features smart TV integration.
















The vignette storylines and concepts were created as part of a group effort. Individual contribution includes flow generation, wireframe creation and presentation.