Sony Self-Book Management Tool

Business Objectives and Goals:

Sony wanted to be able to supplement their existing booking tool with a more fluid and user friendly experience. By allowing employees to book their own travel, meet goals and earn rewards through a less restrictive booking tool, employees could save time, alleviate travel agency resources, and save money.

  1. Allow employees to book their own travel accommodations without restriction.
  2. Track travel and expenses by individual user and department and provide a holistic company view.
  3. Gamify the experience to incentivize users for using the tool, making achievements, and staying within budget.

Design Targets:

Three different user views were designed to suit the needs of each design target. Individual Traveler, Department Manager and Corporate Executive.


01. Corporate Executive

This admin level user will need access to high level and detailed reports in order to help set budgets and manage travel spend at a corporate level.

02. Department Manager

This managing level user needs to manage travel spend, set goals and provide incentives to individual travelers within a single department.

03. Individual Traveler

The employee level user makes up 95% of the user base for this application. Individual Travelers will need to see a log of upcoming and past travel arrangements.

Corporate Executive

At the Executive level, the user is able to see budget and spend as a whole, by department and is able to filter down to specific departments and date ranges. Their primary view is that of a dashboard where they are provided with insights based on current spend, travel analytics, and predictive analysis. Permissions at this level allow the user to then drill down by department and even get as granular as an individual user view.


1.1 Executive Dashboard:

Provides a holistic view of company spend complete with analytics and insights based on travel trends and predictive data.


1.2 Executive Overview:

Shows company spend and department spend. User can also view analytics and insights by department.


1.3 Multi-Department Details:

Displays details of each traveler in a specific department.

Department Manager

The Department Manager’s experience is similar to that of the Corporate Executive in that they are able to see corporate spend at a high level, but only detailed information at the department level. The user can drill down to see details of individuals only in their department. Insights specific to that department’s performance are provided to the manager level so that they can be informed how to improve department travel efficiency and incentivize individuals accordingly.


2.1 Department Dashboard:

Provides a holistic view of company spend complete with analytics and insights based on travel trends and predictive data specific to department.


2.2 Single Department Details:

Shows department spend at an individual level with the ability to monitor user travel spend.

Individual Traveler

One of the main goals of this tool is to alleviate third parties from having to book travel for the individuals while giving employees the flexibility to book travel to suit their needs and preferences. The Individual Traveler’s experience showcases a history of bookings and upcoming trips complete with all of the information one might need while traveling. Each Individual Traveler can see a high level analytic view of their personal performance along with any badge that they have been incentivized to earn.


3.1 Trip List:

Lists all upcoming and past travel booked within a desired date range.


3.2. Flight Details:

A traveler can access their flight and hotel booking details.


3.3 Hotel Details:

A traveler can access their flight and hotel booking details


This solution was pitched to an internal department at Sony in California. Requirements were directly influenced by key stakeholders within the company and the presentation was well-received.